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Are you coming to Brazil? The first place to be is not Rio

Brazil is a huge multicultural country with a very diverse geography, if you think it only revolves around Rio de Janeiro, samba, “bundas”, a jungle and monkeys on trees throwing coconuts at people’s heads, you’re making a terrible mistake. From Native Indians, Africans, and Asians to Portuguese, Italians, Germans and Dutchmen, you will find all ethnicities and cultures in Brazil, separated and mixed. And for an introduction, you’ll discover now the most beautiful places in the state of Minas Gerais. I may be bias to talk about this since it’s my birthplace, but this place is just incredible for those who love nature. If you like to go camping, fishing, hiking and meeting historical places with an European touch, Minas Gerais is the way to go. Minas Gerais is also known as a national symbol when it comes to cuisine… Insert your ad here.Contact us to learn more. 1. Belo Horizonte: Where Modernity Meets Tradition Belo Horizonte, the…

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The top 130+ best flea markets in the USA, from east to west

First things first… Unlike any other flea market, we didn’t want to miss the opportunity to start this article by including our own ‘flea market’ in the list (even though it’s only online). The best part is that this list was created for your convenience – yes, we’re talking about you, the one reading this text and living in or planning to visit the US, or interested in importing items from the US. Flea America is an online classifieds website that’s 100% free to sign up and use, with no trial period. Here, you can advertise your new or used goods for sale. What’s more, you can also promote your services. Have in mind that if you’re advertising your products, they must be located in the US. If you’re advertising services, they should cover the entire national territory. Continue reading…Want to sell something? Click here to Submit your listing or click here to Search for products and services…

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